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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  July 12, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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it's 11:00. do you know where your children are? now, abc 2 news at 11:00. tonight inmate henry cole is losing his battling with pancreatic cancer as well as his fight with prison officials. >> the fire that left more than two dozen folks homeless tonight. >> we want doctor bell. >> parents fighting to get their children's principal back take their case right to the school board. why they believe she got the boot. news at 11 starts rights now. a devastating below for a baltimore county man dealing with cancer and a prison sentence. >> henry cole's case for compassionate leave has been denied and he returns to prison
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for tax evasion. >> just got to fight. >> reporter: the fight for the family of henry cole is now much tougher than when we first talked back in february. they say the pancreatic cancer that was attacking his body then has intensified, but so has their battle against the federal bureau of prisons. cole, who has served 16 of 36 months on tax evasion charges was denied compassionate release despite his medical condition. he is now being treated at st. joseph's hospital on pain management for a disease his wife says is stage 4. she has called the denial of his claim a death sentence. the realization of a nightmare she has talked about fighting for months. >> my goal, my agenda, i don't want him to die alone in prison. >> reporter: but that is a real possibility. if and when cole is released from treatment here at st. joes he has two days to report back to federal prison to finish out the rest of his sentence. as for why his case was denied
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the federal bureau of prisons won't say citing privacy concerns. a spokesman tells us compassionate 6 leave requests are rarely granted with only a few making it up the chain to the top of the agency. of the 40 requests heard by the director of the bureau of prisons last year only 27 were approved. in 2009, 17 of 27 prisoners were granted release ending their time. but henry's may be beginning again as his life potentially comes to an end. joce sterman, abc 2 news. now about 9 months ago henry's doctors told him he had between 12 and 18 months to live. he still has 20 months on his sentence although the coles are appealing the decision about his compassionate release. so we want to know what you think about the decision. it's our hot topic tonight. should henry cole be allowed compassionate release or should he have to serve the remainder of his sentence. leave your comments on our facebook page, >> last night at this time we
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were looking for an 8-year-old. derrick brown was snatched off the street walking with his friends, one suspect has been charged with the crime, another on the run. helen jones though the hero of this story. she became a private eye and called police who found the boy in an abandoned house. we were the only one to talk with this little guy and a happy home coming tonight. >> there you go. >> wow, there are a lot of people worried about you. >> mississippiing for missing for 13 hours he showed no sign of being harmed nor intimidated by his captors. >> was he scared? >> no. he wasn't scared, was he. >> reporter: in a crime-ridden city struck with fear he escaped to 70-year-old helen jones, she spotted him peeking out out of a vacant house and then emerging from that house after an adult suspect drove away. >> he looked up the street and the man was coming down the
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street and he ran back in the house and he waited about a minute and he came back out. he looked around again. aren't i'm saying to drain "that's the little boy that's missing" they called 911 and his grandparents soon came to pick him up in a tier-filled reunion. i'm glad. god sent me there. >> fortunately, derrick was not harmed. >> the bottom line is we're glad to have that little boy back save and sound. all too many times abduction victims become murder victims. >> what a good-looking kid and tonight 20-year-old nathaniel booker is charged with kidnapping him, as well as assault, falls imprisonment and extortion and they are out there looking for raheem taylor in connection with this case. how about a hand for helen jones for picking up the phone and calling 911 because she knew something was not right. so again, if you have any information about this case, call police right away.
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kelly. a second climbing coach has been arrested. police say he was having a sexual relationship with a minor. he worked also at earth intersection in howard county. the company's chief operating officer sent out a release saying 20-year-old daniel montague was charged. he was part-time assistant climbing coaching coach with the company. this comes after another coach was arrested on similar charges. they say they are co-operating with howard county police and the investigation and anyone with any information about either of these cases is asked to call police. well you'll find it right there on the tsn home page, how officers protected us at this your good marshall. this is what they found at security checkpoints, a dozen knives in a repair reon. an officer on an x-ray machine saw something funny and they found 13 different knives. the passenger was arrested and there is no impact on flights. >> new tonight about that fire at owings mills, they are
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looking at everything to figure out how this three-alarmer started here on old coach lane. the fire started just after 2. roosevelt leftwich tells us how those who ran for safety are doing tonight. jamey. >> the red cross is working with two dozen people helping them find temporary shelter. they said the fire moved so fast there was no time to save anything but themselves. once it got started it moved very fast. tiara green said she smelled smoke and thought somebody was cooking out. but that smoke turned into a flood. >> i started seeing a whole bunch of smoke and that was itself. then we started looking to see what it was and somebody banged on the door to see if it was on fire. we've got out, it started coming in our house. >> within minutes after the first minutes arrived they pulled the second and third alarms. firefighters were hampered by a couple things here, a shared roof and structure of the home allowed the fire to jump from unit to you knit and they had ha hard time stopping it.
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the other problem the heat. >> you add that to the temperature of today it's quickly leaving the heat exhaustion. that's why we have the crews, we of to set up a medical rehab, check them out, give them hydration and mark them at all times. >> after the flames were knocked down the investigators immediately went inside to try to find out what caused the fire. so far, no cause has been determined. 25 people were displaced by this fire but every resident managed to get out safely. folks who live here say that's some confidential some laying considering they didn't have time to pick up anything and all they can do now is try to pick up the pieces and things that were burned in the fire. they say they are gonna take care of family. that's what's important here. >> i'm here with my daughter and there is two girls, there's one 21 months and one 8 years old. so we've got to think about two girls you know. what we gonna tell them, you know. where can we go with them?
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>> reporter: now the red cross says the apartment complex is working with the 12 displaced families to find vacant apartments in that complex that they can stay in. now the red cross also says it will help the residents with immediate personal needs right away. roosevelt leftwich, abc 2 news. >> thanks a lot rosy. and you would imagine the high temperatures caused problems for firefighters this afternoon as they battled flames and oppressive heat. wyatt everhart joins us now. what is this going to lift, any time soon wyatt. >> we're beginning to see some change. after tomorrow is when we feel the relief. but right now the heat index past the 11:00 o'clock hour, 91 in d.c. now, warm night. high temperatures today, the actual numbers were in the mid- to upper 90s out there. burtonsville you hit 97, 94 nottingham, 96 over in rock hall. bottom line is tomorrow we'll shave off 5, 6 degrees, i think
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we're in the low 90s by afternoon time. but most of the day in the 820s, this is just the beginning of a cool-off. we'll talk about how much mild ehret gets straight ahead. >> no more puffing in the park. you cannot light up at any of the 57 howard county parks. they have issued an executive order for no smoking outside on park property. this includes parks like centennial, rock burn, and lisbon. this does not include open space in parks opened by the columbia association. he said he just wants howard to be the healthiest county it can be and this is a huge step to restep goals. >> protests in support of a principal who was let go from a post at monta bell oh junior academy. supporters say she was fired after she spoke out about a shooting that killed a 12-year- old boy. abc 2 news preston mitchell was at tonight's school board meeting where they made sure that all of their voices were heard.
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>> we hold him responsible because he is in charge of the day-to-day operation of this school system. >> reporter: outrage tonight at the baltimore city school board meeting. these kids are being double victimized by this. i appeal to the consciousness of this board. to find in your hard, to dig down deep inside, to ask questions. >> questions over the firing of monta bell oh jr. academy doctor camille bell. >> i have never seen a principal who is so dedicated. even now she is still going to some of her students' events and students things. >> reporter: supporters said she was let go because she was speaking out to about the violence, he was quilled while watching an nba playoff game on an important much. he was a student at monta bell oh academy. >> it's not going to be the same without her. >> we want doctor bell. >> reporter: community leaders, parents and students attended tonight's meeting with a number of questions. but with doctor alonzo not
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present they left with very few answers. >> this board is unsympathetic and they are not compassionate to issues concerning kids. we're talking about kids and our children's future and the principal who was making progress. >> in northeast baltimore, preston mitchum, abc 2 news. now we want to let you know we contacted baltimore city schools and they released this statement. they say they do not comment on personnel issues. we're going to be following this situation and let you know what happens. well one little boy is one lucky boy tonight after he crossed path with a rattle snake. >> that's right. we'll tell you how the snake slithered right across his foot in florida. >> suppose you lose your phone, but since you have gps you figure you'll get it back in a flash. not so fast my friend. >> and why talk behind your employer's back when you can say it online. read what your employees are saying about you when we're back in 60 seconds. ?ñxaxwñ
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you're not gonna believe this one.
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don't do this on the plane. a man in utah arrested after he pelted a flight atemperature d'antoni with peanuts and pretzels, the man who was flying southwest now faces federal charges of interference with a flight crew. he was trying to smoke an electronic cigarette. >> the rules since 1600, he was against that rule, he didn't know, he flipped out and started throwing snacks. well when a boy is visiting florida on vacation, picking berries, when he looked down and saw a 2-foot-long eastern diamondback rattle snake, one of the deadliest snakes in the u.s. the snake nipped the boy in the foot, he didn't need medical attention but had the snake taken a huge bite? let's not think about that. if you head to the south to vacation you know that snakes love florida, clearwater beach and feather sound areas are best known as a hotbed for snakes. >> all right. the home run derby last night was a big hit.
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not on the edge, but on the deck. trying to catch a ball. we circle him. keith carmichael is in -- he is trying to catch prince fielder's home run hit when he ended up dangling about 20 feet up. he was lucky his brother and a friend were right there, strong enough to pull him back over the railing to his seat. remember last week at a rangers game he died trying to catch a ball thrown into the stands. well abc 2 news is working for you tonight. imagine this, your electronic device gets stolen. >> what do you think, eh no problem, you installed that highly touted gps tracking software. >> but then what? do you go after it yourself? do you call police? what if they are too busy taking other calls. [ phone ringing. >> reporter: when business owner and working mom monica freely left her phone in the back of a cab and had no way to get in touch with her kids or clients. >> immediately i panicked. >> reporter: she activated her
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gps tracking app through another device and traced her phone to a nearby hotel. she called police asking for help but, instead, she got quite a surprise. >> they were like "oh, yeah, sorry. that's too bad." >> if your smart phone or tablet is stolen. finding out where it is is simple. what to do next may be anything but easy. a call to police may get you nowhere. >> a lot of law enforcement agencies don't have the manpower to always be dedicated to working on tracking your phone. >> former police chief and crime expert dr. richard ryan ballot says many law enforcement agencies struggle to handle emergency calls and finding your smart phone could be a department's last priority. >> resources are a big problem for law felt agencies. they need to be able to allocate it to violent crimes first. if you're being stabbed do you want to be put on hold for 911 saying we're dealing with a $200 iphone, we have to deal with that. >> though when police can help
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they may make a big difference. scottie left her ipad on a city bus. they tracked it down and called with the address. when the officer showed up and questioned a man walking out with a bag he immediately handed over the ipad. >> when he saw the police there and he saw icon on the iphone jeane immediately became very cooperative. and willfully returned it. >> she was lucky. the call load for police that day wasn't so bad. >> if there is a high priority call load or a call we have to go to first we have to handle that call with priority. >> monica decided it was too risky to confront someone in a hotel. she traced her phone to without police, she gave up and got a new one. >> it was really frustrating to be able to see the phone and know it was there and then not get it back. >> reporter: experts say she did the right thing. if police won't help don't take matters into your own hands. >> you can get hurt, you can
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get killed, it's not worth your life or your injury for a $200 phone. >> reporter: but there is something you can do about losing your gear. gps tracking software experts say the moment you realize your device is lost or stolen use the gps app to lock it down. >> and unauthorized user can't get access to it. you give yourself a leiier of security that gives you time to retrieve it without worrying about whether the information is being stolen or abused. >> many types of gps locator software allow you to put it in lockdown mode. to see if yours does this check the instructions which can usually be found online by clicking on the app. in the news, you're going to throw in harper's violence you got from netflix. listen to what netflix is going to do now. they are going to raise your monthly price by 60%. you're gonna pay 799 a month to rent one dvd at a time plus
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$7.99 for you unlimited streaming and that adds up to around 16 bucks. the changes take effect right now for new subscribers and in september for current customers. ship costs and the costs of building a streaming library is pushing up the cost along with competition coming in from amazon and hoo lowe. now, maryland's most powerful radar and the forecast rated most accurate by weather rate. >> quiet night out there relative to this time last night when big storms were clearing from west to east. tonight quiet on the range, a few clouds employing into western maryland, 79 at bwi. winds are west at 7 and on the whole pretty quiet. but again, last night, different story. sky shot from sarah williams on facebook. with an open sort of exposure, multiple lightning strikes near bel air. thank you for that shot, awesome stuff. through the day, a few fair weather clouds into the sunset.
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a warm finish to the day. hot temperatures. out towards frederick temperatures were well up in the mid-90s once again today. maryland's most powerful radar crystal clear out there tonight. temperatures beginning to cool off to the southwest. out to 70 near oakland. hovering close to 70 right now. we'll see temperatures begin to slack off a little bit overnight. you can tell that the humidity, while moderated a bit today, is still present. the heat index value, what it feels like still close to 90 in the cities right now and most spots feeling like at least low to mid-780s, humidity moderating 40 to 50% around this hour not outrageous but not comfortable at least not quite yet. a few clouds blowing in out of the west. a big storm complex out of the center of the country. not bringing rain, you see a huge cluster of storms out here, cloud cover blowing off from that particular system. we'll see the boundary behind it, the cooler air arriving.
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i think by this time tomorrow night. if you look closely here on our sort of moisture map these are the dewpoint measures that measure the moisture in the air. ooh you can see that dry air pushing into pennsylvania, dewpoint down to 61 in altoona, we're in the mid-60, that's medium humidity. oppressive towards richmond and norfolk. the drier air will begin to filter in. overnight 70, partly cloudy, a little bit less humid. tomorrow i'm looking for about 91 or so, a mixture of sun and clouds, heat will be less searing at least, certainly still present and then tomorrow night down to 61 as things get less muggy and a little milder out there. a little milder, that's our trend as we look at the seven- day forecast, to see temperatures back down into the mid-780s for two straight days there thursday-friday. then things trend up into the upper 80s for the weekend. on the whole dry outlook, if we don't get an isolated shower in the morning, i think that's going to be it for a while. >> cal is moving over to short.
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finished in second in the most memorable moment in all-star baseball history. happened tonight during the 82 under annual all-star game. stan the man musial's walk off homer in 1955 was voted number 1 by fans. 2001 when he was shoved over to his original position, hit a home run in this game, finished in second place. a-rod saying get over there. even the boss is saying it. torii is saying "move over." >> you don't want to go. back in 1989 cal hit a home run off of roger clemens who pitched here opening day. clemens was so angry at the mound that the groundskeeper told him off. we saw none of that today. none of that intensity today for roger clemens. a jury has been picked to hear his perjury trial. among those to hear the case will be the first cousin of oriole hall of famer al b umry and the 12 people who will decide whether he lied about steroid usage know nothing about baseball, nothing about clemens either.
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opening arguments will start tomorrow and it should last about 4 to 6 weeks. all right. ever want to complain to someone about your boss, could worker, the company you work for? >> now you can do it anonymously. we're gonna tell you where. but, first, here is ted with a look at what is going on at night line. >> does the virgin mary work miracles on earth today? believers flock to a place where they say she has appeared for 30 years. we've got their dramatic encounter. plus a hidden camera investigation of how sexual predators slip through the net. coming up on "nightline" after abc 2 news at 11:00. ♪
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all right. here we go. linda really particulars me off with the popcorn she eats and all jim wants to talk about is the darlington apple festival and, dave, listen, if you're going to work tomorrow smile. you have a new web site to cut loose on. it is called, ready for this, office leaks. on this web site you are anonymous. you can talk about your boss, your co-workers, everything. the posts are all organized by company, they can only be accessed by fellow employees. here is what we found, rumors about layoffs, 401k cuts, a complaints about not being able to wear open-toe sandals. managers can spend $99 a month to read what they are -- what you're saying about them. it's office but, again, it's all anonymous, we hope. all right. back to you kelly. >> all right jamey. i don't know if i'd try that. terry pell kerr was one of
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the first people to see the last harry potter movie. she went last night. we sponsored the sneak peek of the movie last night. we asked terry for a review and here is what she told us. "the movie not only held my interest, it was epic. the special effects were better in this movie." she said"if you are planning on taking small children make sure they understand it is only a movie and what they are seeing isn't really hurting anyone." now she says she would see it again in a heartbeat. that definitely sounds like a thumbs up to me. thanks a lot terry for the review. one last look at the weather. >> i like that. >> yeah. >> you read it? it's out there, let me tell you. >> yeah, let's get into it real quick. a few seconds to tell you about weather. temperatures cooling off after a day in the 90s, down in the upper 70s, tomorrow back close to 90, i'm telling you after tomorrow things trend a little nightser for us. >> all right.
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we're back after a break. (sound of computer alert tone)
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. i want to get the whole baseball game. try to catch the ball. >> dangerous out there. be careful. listen, we'll see you tomorrow. cooler weather, yay. >> eh, have a good night. wednesday on abc 2 news at 11:00. the damage is done behind closed doors, the evidence hidden from view. [ whispering ] >> abc 2 investigator brian keyboard letter uncovers a powerful tool helping victims to fight back against the violence.
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>> how new technology at local hospitals is bringing domestic abuse out of the shadows and into the light. abc 2 works for you wednesday at 11:00. [ barbara ] i was the firstborn. my dad, he expected a boy -- that's why my nickname's bobby. there's something really rewarding about raising animals that provide. this is a great life, and as you start contemplating having children and i want my kids to be raised the way i was raised. ♪ [ male announcer ] meet the families behind real california dairy at
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